Gamesa Leaves Town, but Still Lots of Wind Development in PA

Just announced on 1/28/14 that Gamesa is closing its turbine blade facility in Ebensburg – and that is a shame for the 62 employees who will lose their job.  Gamesa has decided to move its operations further west, but other companies are still working hard to build wind projects in PA.  (See information at the bottom for more on Gamesa.)  For once, I applaud Gamesa’s decision to leave our forested mountain tops alone….but when will other companies make the same decision?

All of the wind projects listed below are on the FAA website, except E.ON’s Jacks Mtn. project (E.ON says it is too early to apply to the FAA) and Volkswind’s project in Dauphin Co.

These are all serious possibilities, and there are even more on the PJM grid, too.

In Mifflin Co.:

1.  Belleville: Jacks Mtn.: Volkswind’s 20 turbines  (436 ft. tall)

2.  Lewistown: Jacks Mtn.:  E.ON’s 30 – 70 turbines

In Somerset Co.:

1.  Addison, PA:  15 turbines just south of Mt. Davis on Negro Mountain (499 ft. tall) (OWN Energy – which builds and then sells to EverPower)

2.  Somerset, PA:  27 turbines NW of Berlin (493 ft. tall)

3.  Callimont, PA:  27 turbines just west of Little Savage Mtn. (493 ft. tall)

In Centre Co.:

Snowshoe, PA:  just south of Snowshoe and Rt. 80 on the Allegheny Front:  36 turbines – E.ON (491 ft. tall)

In Cambria Co.:

Krayn, PA:  20 turbines  (493 ft. tall)

In Potter Co.:

Ulysses, PA:  35 turbines in Hector and Harrison Twps. – Eolian Renewable Energy from Portsmouth, NH  (492 ft. tall)

In Schuylkill Co.:

1.  Nuremberg:  30 turbines – also in Columbia and Luzerne Counties – Buck Mountain Wind Energy, LLC of Pattern Energy  (492 ft. tall)

2.  Tower City:  57 turbines  (557 feet tall!!)

In Dauphin Co.:

Volkswind is in the early planning stages for a project near Elizabethville, in Washington Twp. and Upper Paxton Twp.

January 28, 2014:   Gamesa pulls out:

Gamesa is leaving Cambria County and concentrating on wind development in the midwest and southwest.  The blade manufacturing plant began operation in the summer of 2006, and 8 years later it is closing.  62 employees will be out of work. 

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