About SOAR

Save Our Allegheny Ridges serves as a resource for communities grappling with the complexities of industrial wind development.  Members donate their time and travel expenses to work with municipal officials and residents.

As industrial wind turbines increase, the number of people suffering from wind turbine syndrome also increases.  Industrial wind projects need to be sited properly, not only to avoid noise issues, but also to protect the ecological systems that sustain our health, our wild lands, and our wildlife.

There have been repeated accusations posted on the Internet by pro-wind forces that Save Our Allegheny Ridges (SOAR) and, more specifically, Laura Jackson, president of Save Our Allegheny Ridges have received funds from Koch and fossil-fuel corporations.  While it is true that Laura Jackson did attend a meeting (at her own expense) to discuss coordination of grassroots groups trying to protect communities from industrial wind projects, there was absolutely no funding provided for the meeting, or for future efforts.  Save Our Allegheny Ridges and Laura Jackson have never received any funds from the Koch brothers, or from fossil-fuel corporations.  Unlike industrial wind companies that receive massive subsidies (Iberdrola has received over $2 trillion*), SOAR’s work is supported by member donations and community fundraising efforts.

*Good Jobs First:  http://subsidytracker.goodjobsfirst.org/prog.php?parent=Iberdrola



President:  Laura Jackson – Everett, PA

Vice-President:   Dr. Terry Doran – Central City, PA

Secretary:   Tom Kuehl – Export, PA

Treasurer:  Mike Jackson – Everett, PA



Karin Sedewar – Cairnbrook, PA

John Terry – Montrose, WV

Larry Thomas – Circleville, WV




SOAR Mission:

We are organized for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes to provide information to residents and government leaders about the impact of industrial development.

SOAR Vision:

Our intent is to provide resources, technical support, and education to communities threatened by industrial development.

SOAR Goals:

Our goals are to promote better public understanding of the siting and regulatory process which govern development, to give citizens the tools which will help them become more involved in the community process, and to furnish support for proper siting decisions.


How Can SOAR Help You?

1.  We have volunteers who will speak to your community, to educate residents about industrial development and its impacts on communities and forested ridges.

2.  Contact SOAR for free handouts and educational materials regarding proper siting guidelines.

3.  SOAR volunteers give programs to students K – college, and to community groups.

4.  SOAR will help you collect scientific data to document habitat type and species composition in areas threatened by development.