2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Tammy McKenzie

    I currently live in the vicinity of the Twin Ridge Wind Farm in Southern Somerset County PA. I am deeply saddened of the effects my husband and I suffer as a result of the turbine project being directly in our backyard. I want to commend you in your efforts to fight for what you believe in. We only wish that we would have known what we were in for and did research on the effects that we might have to suffer as a result of these terrible structures. The serene surroundings that we were use to living around is totally gone. If you want to research the devastating effects that one might have to endure, by all means come to our 150 acre property that sits next to 9 of the 68 turbines erected in southern Somerset County, Pennsylvania. We can provide information on the suffered effects that we have had to endure.

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